Ellinair Website Proposal

Website Revamp Proposal for Ellinair,  founded in 2013,  an airline created to offer the needed flexibility and to ensure the quality of flight services offered by Mouzenidis Group. More than 500.000 tourists mostly from Russia and Ukraine, choose to travel with Ellinair every year, visiting Greece.

The redesign of the site offers a simplified and cohesive experience to the user. Multiple menus and a large number of pages are converted into one, comprehensive, step-by-step page, where the user navigates until the flight is booked. “One decision at a time”, was the design concept, controlling the flow of information the user receives, creating an easier and funnier personalised navigation with important benefits for the company’s communication, services and final turnover.


  • Concept
  • Web Design
  • UI/UX

Project Date

  • Autumn 2015